Fight Club: A Movie for the Mind

I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches 
I'd never see. I wanted to breathe smoke.

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If you're searching for a movie that will appeal to your sarcastic sense of humor and challenge your mind, then Fight Club is your film. Fight Club is by far my favorite movie, and it should also be your favorite movie. I know that I really don't need to say anything more to convince you to put Fight Club into your #1 movie slot, but I will continue anyway. I apologize for the incomplete state that my review is in. I intend to improve it at some point in the future, but here goes.

There are truly many aspects of the picture that make it so good. It is a solid film in all categories. The amount of thought that went into Fight Club is nothing short of astonishing. Fight Club takes a complex story and makes it real for the viewer like few other films can. As the viewer, you experience the story through the eyes of the main character (the film Memento, although completely different, also uses this technique). This has caused many to misunderstand the film because we see the movie through the eyes of a character with a mentally altered mind. Thus his perception of the world is altered and unrealistic. Many mistake this to be a flaw when it is anything but. Fight Club is excellent because it takes on the challenging task of creating a major motion picture that is a window into the mind of a crazed man and pulls it off. In the end, everything in the film checks out when reviewed.

In addition to an incredible plot, the cinematography is second to none. David Fincher (Director of Seven and The Game) has once again orchestrated an excellent movie displayed in vivid scenes by challenging visual effects. Photogrammetry was extensively used in Fight Club and truly sets it apart from the mainstream of Hollywood films. These effects are like none that I have seen in other movies.

As I'm sure you know already, any good movie has a good soundtrack as well. Fight Club is no different. However, for such a unique film, unique music was needed. The Dust Brothers came through with an original soundtrack that is mindful of the tone of Fight Club.

Fight Club is an excellent movie in all categories. You simply must see it.

You're a young guy with clear skin and perfect teeth 
and the kind of job you're proud to write the alumni association about.
"I know you."

I am smart, I am capable, and, most 
of all, I am free--in all the ways that you are not.
Haiku anyone?

Funny, provocative, and disturbing--if you like Fight Club, you'll love this.
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